So Cute!!!!!

Have you seen the new Uggs on the market? It seems that with each passing year their stuff become cuter and cuter. From boots to shoes, to jeans, to belts, everything is so adorable that I can hardly stand it. I mean it sure is making it hard on a girl to be able to keep up, but I tell you what I am not put off to try!

Just last weekend I purchased these cute mid-calf boots, in black with shiny black sequins across the front toe of the boot and along the back up the back of the boot. I am sure many people know exactly what I am talking about. The ones with the bows ties in the back.

What is better with Uggs that even though they are really and able to work with a many different clothing choice. They are also very comfortable and warm.

Comfort is a place when choosing any type of footwear. Us girls know about buying shoes that although they are super cute and extra foxy, after an hour of wearing them your feet feel as though they were ran over by a semi-truck and then set on fire one toe at a time.

That is of course until everything goes numb!   What a great feeling that is, am I right girls?

It used to be that those in the northern part of the country, the world really, only had to worry about a winter freeze, snow, and frost. However, these past years it seems that no matter where you are its fair game.

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