Cleanliness is next to Godliness

One thing that I always hear people complain about is the upkeep of a pair of suede Ugg boots. Many times folks abstain from purchasing them unsure what they will do when they get dirty. Especially if you are more attractive to the lighter color of their pallets. Such as, light heather gray or the super versatile camel hair color. A favorite amongst many people.

Don’t fret there are few things that you can do to protect your boots and keep them clean. I found that these things really work well on my own shoes. Everyone that I have shared this information have also been able to keep his or her boots looking brand spanking new.

Ugg Boot Cleaners

This is something you can order from their website. For the great people of the Ugg brand have created their own cleaning solution kit that does wonders in maintain a great looking boot. One free of stains and watermarks.

I like use this during the winter months to keep them looking crispy.

Stain Guard

Before you even think of walking out in your new pair of boots, use a stained guard and water protectant that is formulated for the material that the boot is made of. This will ensure that they do not become gross and stained in the first place. My favorite type of shoe protectant is the spray stuff you can pick up at any Finish Line, it is amazing.

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