My New Found Love

My last blog post mentioned the different items available through the Ugg Australia store.

After doing some research and trying to find out all that, they do have to offer I noticed some great things on the site. Their stuff is so lovely and well made. After doing “research”, I ended up buying a few hundred dollars’ worth of stuff.   A new clutch, some pajama, some leggings, two pairs of sneakers, and a new pair of boots. Each one of them super cute and like nothing else that I have ever bought.

Oh and I bought a few cute tops that were on sale. I have never been able to say no to a great sale!

My research really ended up turning into a bit of a shopping spree. I was not expecting to like so much of their stuff. The more I kept looking at the things on their site the more I became more and more enamored with their items. If you have not check out their merchandise, you must give them a chance.

Do not keep yourself constricted to the great slipped on boots that everyone seems to wear. You know which ones I am talking about. Those boots that are so ugly that they are cute.

I think I just found my new favorite store. This spring my family and I are planning a trip to Australia. Every year we like to travel to a new part of the world and experience different cultures, cuisine, and lifestyle.

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