It’s just one day

I woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks. It was as I sprang out of bed. Rushed downstairs, enjoyed a great breakfast, with a delicious cup of cherry flavored coffee. Then I set out.

What had not expected was that overnight seven inches of sleet and snow fell. That my car had gotten so cold that it would not start with the aid of a jump from one of my neighbors. Alternatively, that my tires would lose so much air that they were not safe enough drive on. Then when I finally did get on the road, I was stopped and derailed by a small fender bender.

This young girl about sixteen years old, out driving to school. She was going faster than necessary because she was late to school. Wanting to avoid being punished for being late and risking a suspension during one of the busiest times of the school year.

It was necessary for her to travel so fast, that she was unable to stop at the stoplight. The stoplight that I was patiently waiting to turn green so that I can gently eased into traffic. However, after being struck by a girl who have only been driving less time than it takes a fresh coat of nail polish to dry.

I was stuck waiting on the police.

What start out as a great day has quickly downward spiral. One mishap after another. After it was all said and done I went back home, climbed back into bed, and went to sleep.

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