Back to Boots

This weather is something else, just horrible. Last week I was wearing ballet flats and canvas sneakers. Cute, simple shoes. That only work when there is no snow or slushy stuff. Once it becomes wet and yucky then the only thing that should be worn is boots, goulashes, and rain boots. All of which is quite cumbersome. Not to mention how hot my feet tend to get.

Once it started to look like spring has sprung, just around the corner was warmth, flowers, and light rain showers. I was so excited and ready to bust my entrapped toes and let them hang free. Catching a cool breeze and feeling the crisp and soft feel of blades of grass between my toes.

However, I was sadly put in my place and reminded that winter is still here and in full affect. Not to give up on those boots, goulashes, rain boots. To keep each type of outerwear known to man, a heavy coat, light jacket, a trench, sweater, and hoodie. Do not give up anything up.

Just as I was ready to put on my sandals and enjoy the great warm spring airs. Good ole Mother Nature reared her fickle head and showered most of the country with heavy snow showers, sleet, and rain.

Back to my heavy boots, rubber duckies, and goulashes. Anything else might lead to frostbite and red toes.

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