Protect your stuff: stain guard them

Whew what a day. From sun up until sun down it has been nonstop. Just one thing after another. I cannot believe how incredibly busy I have been today. More than I have been in many, many days. Over the top with commitments and obligations that I am so happy that, I am able to sit down and relax.

As I set here writing this blog I have my feet soaking in a nice Epsom salt bath. Detoxifying my body and relaxing my worries away. My feet are finally relaxing and the knots are almost gone. Boy did I need this.

My poor Egg boots have been through the ringer. With of the melting snow and slushier stuff, I was so worried that when I actually stop to take and break. I would look down at my suede boots and they would be ruined. Dreading this so much I intentionally avoided looking at them. Just kept my eyes up and trudging along.

However when I made it home I finally stopped and gave them a gander. I have to say they are not bad, I mean they look wonderful. Even after walking through the world’s weather channel. Dirt, mud and muck they still kept their shape and remained unstuffed, dirt and stain free. You could not imagine my joy knowing that I did not need to take them to my favorite cobbler downtown.

She is amazing at what she does but I do pay a premium price in order to enjoy her services.

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