My First Pair of Uggs

Yesterday it was a beautiful spring day. I was in my flip-flops and having a great day. Then, bam! I am bringing out the boots again. Just when I thought it was over, I have been rejuvenated. In addition, force to cover my feet and toes, this girl does is not interested in getting frostbitten no matter how cute the sandals are.

Once again, my lucky and trusty Ugg boots have save the day. Comfort and warmth, what more could I ask for?

How much as I love all things Ugg, it is crazy that when they first came out I thought that, they were the most hideous things that I had ever seen. For a long time I could not understand why someone would pay good money for something like those boots.

Hard to believe, I know. However, I was strictly anti Ugg boots. I swore up and down that I would not buy nor wear anything with the Ugg name.

Then there was a change. My mom was out. That woman is a shopping guru. She can find a sale on the most coveted things. As kids, we wore name brand clothes and shoes, like all of the time. However, she never paid full price. Always scoring deals and coupons.

One she came home with matching Ugg boots. One pair for me and another for herself. When found them one sale, and then she had a coupon, so she got them for next for nothing.

After that first pair I was hooked and have been rocking them ever since.

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