About Page

Hello world of fashion and everything posh!

My name is Natalie Coleman and I am a fashion maven.  I love everything to do with it.  From new trends, to throwbacks, vintage, accessories. Whatever the case I am on it. My name is Natalie and I have a problem!

Well a little bit about myself; I am a southern girl at heart and in my soul. I was born and raise on a swamp in the backcountry of Louisiana. Brought up to be a southern belle and a woman through and through, I think it is reflected in my fashion choices. I love cute, frilly, girly, and pink. I always seem to go towards a more soft color pallet that just oozes femininity.

Growing up in the bayou there was not much need for fashion. I am telling I was a true oddball next to my two brothers and identical twin sisters. However, I am lucky because they never made me feel like it, at least not on purpose. I think that has something to do with being the youngest by like twelve years. My parents were not expecting me when I came along. I am their little surprise baby!

Now let us flash forward to my college years. Where I study creative writing and fashion merchandising.   Yes, this little woman was a double major. Cute and smart.

Although I love fashion, I cannot count the number of Egg boots and attire that I own. It is by far one of my favorite brands.

Enjoy my love affair with the Ugg Brand.