My First Pair of Uggs

Yesterday it was a beautiful spring day. I was in my flip-flops and having a great day. Then, bam! I am bringing out the boots again. Just when I thought it was over, I have been rejuvenated. In addition, force to cover my feet and toes, this girl does is not interested in getting frostbitten no matter how cute the sandals are.

Once again, my lucky and trusty Ugg boots have save the day. Comfort and warmth, what more could I ask for?

How much as I love all things Ugg, it is crazy that when they first came out I thought that, they were the most hideous things that I had ever seen. For a long time I could not understand why someone would pay good money for something like those boots.

Hard to believe, I know. However, I was strictly anti Ugg boots. I swore up and down that I would not buy nor wear anything with the Ugg name.

Then there was a change. My mom was out. That woman is a shopping guru. She can find a sale on the most coveted things. As kids, we wore name brand clothes and shoes, like all of the time. However, she never paid full price. Always scoring deals and coupons.

One she came home with matching Ugg boots. One pair for me and another for herself. When found them one sale, and then she had a coupon, so she got them for next for nothing.

After that first pair I was hooked and have been rocking them ever since.

Spring has Sprung

It may be time to put away the boots, clean them, put the dust cover on them, and set aside in the cosset.

Before I do that, I need to go shopping. I must buy some new shoes and sandals. I cannot be caught unprepared and wearing last year’s trends. I mean there are so much that have changed since then. I am ready to take advantage of those new trends.

With cute wedges, open toe sandals, canvas sneakers, and ballet flats. This is probably my favorite part of the year. Let us be real anytime that I have the time to shop is my favorite time of year. What can I say I have a problem and I am not afraid to admit it? Alternatively, do I plan to change it?

With sandal season on the horizon means that it is time for consistent pedicures. Take this tip from me it will make your sandal shoe wearing time worth doing. There is nothing worse than someone walking around with his or her feet out and busted toes, scratchy heels, and dry skin.

All winter we were able to be lazy. Able to forgo some beauty practices that normally would not go without doing. Not any more, ugly and unkempt feet is a deal breaker for myself, I do not know about you. However, I just cannot stand it.

This weekend means starting my weekly pedicures and sandal shopping.

Protect your stuff: stain guard them

Whew what a day. From sun up until sun down it has been nonstop. Just one thing after another. I cannot believe how incredibly busy I have been today. More than I have been in many, many days. Over the top with commitments and obligations that I am so happy that, I am able to sit down and relax.

As I set here writing this blog I have my feet soaking in a nice Epsom salt bath. Detoxifying my body and relaxing my worries away. My feet are finally relaxing and the knots are almost gone. Boy did I need this.

My poor Egg boots have been through the ringer. With of the melting snow and slushier stuff, I was so worried that when I actually stop to take and break. I would look down at my suede boots and they would be ruined. Dreading this so much I intentionally avoided looking at them. Just kept my eyes up and trudging along.

However when I made it home I finally stopped and gave them a gander. I have to say they are not bad, I mean they look wonderful. Even after walking through the world’s weather channel. Dirt, mud and muck they still kept their shape and remained unstuffed, dirt and stain free. You could not imagine my joy knowing that I did not need to take them to my favorite cobbler downtown.

She is amazing at what she does but I do pay a premium price in order to enjoy her services.

Back to Boots

This weather is something else, just horrible. Last week I was wearing ballet flats and canvas sneakers. Cute, simple shoes. That only work when there is no snow or slushy stuff. Once it becomes wet and yucky then the only thing that should be worn is boots, goulashes, and rain boots. All of which is quite cumbersome. Not to mention how hot my feet tend to get.

Once it started to look like spring has sprung, just around the corner was warmth, flowers, and light rain showers. I was so excited and ready to bust my entrapped toes and let them hang free. Catching a cool breeze and feeling the crisp and soft feel of blades of grass between my toes.

However, I was sadly put in my place and reminded that winter is still here and in full affect. Not to give up on those boots, goulashes, rain boots. To keep each type of outerwear known to man, a heavy coat, light jacket, a trench, sweater, and hoodie. Do not give up anything up.

Just as I was ready to put on my sandals and enjoy the great warm spring airs. Good ole Mother Nature reared her fickle head and showered most of the country with heavy snow showers, sleet, and rain.

Back to my heavy boots, rubber duckies, and goulashes. Anything else might lead to frostbite and red toes.

It’s just one day

I woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks. It was as I sprang out of bed. Rushed downstairs, enjoyed a great breakfast, with a delicious cup of cherry flavored coffee. Then I set out.

What had not expected was that overnight seven inches of sleet and snow fell. That my car had gotten so cold that it would not start with the aid of a jump from one of my neighbors. Alternatively, that my tires would lose so much air that they were not safe enough drive on. Then when I finally did get on the road, I was stopped and derailed by a small fender bender.

This young girl about sixteen years old, out driving to school. She was going faster than necessary because she was late to school. Wanting to avoid being punished for being late and risking a suspension during one of the busiest times of the school year.

It was necessary for her to travel so fast, that she was unable to stop at the stoplight. The stoplight that I was patiently waiting to turn green so that I can gently eased into traffic. However, after being struck by a girl who have only been driving less time than it takes a fresh coat of nail polish to dry.

I was stuck waiting on the police.

What start out as a great day has quickly downward spiral. One mishap after another. After it was all said and done I went back home, climbed back into bed, and went to sleep.

Cleaning out the Closets

What a glorious day it was today. Just glorious. I cannot believe how lovely it was, such a warm day. In the middle of February no doubt. Complete unbelievable. What I like about these vastly different changes in weather and temperatures is that I can wear almost every type of shoe that I own. Literally every type.

Knee high, boots, mid-calf, wedges, flats, heels, the only shoe that I have not worn this winter are my sandals. Well, I did wear a pair of Nike athletic shoes, with socks of course. However, I did wear it. Such a fabulous day!

Which me to go through my closest and vet out any shoes and clothes for that matter that I cannot and do not wear. Therefore, I gathered my boxes, some packaging tape, and a sharpie. Organizing and separating different pairs of shoes and clothes into two different types. Those that can be donated, those that can be used for rags, and those items that must simply be thrown away.

What I love most about threading through is it means that I have a great reason to go out and buy some new things. BY far my greatest enjoyment. Out with the old in with the new.

I may have a bit of a shopping problem; if I am honest, I may even be called an addict. However, over the years in an attempt to keep down the clutter and to not become a hoarder, I have developed a system over the years that has served me greatly.

Out with the old, in with the new.

My New Found Love

My last blog post mentioned the different items available through the Ugg Australia store.

After doing some research and trying to find out all that, they do have to offer I noticed some great things on the site. Their stuff is so lovely and well made. After doing “research”, I ended up buying a few hundred dollars’ worth of stuff.   A new clutch, some pajama, some leggings, two pairs of sneakers, and a new pair of boots. Each one of them super cute and like nothing else that I have ever bought.

Oh and I bought a few cute tops that were on sale. I have never been able to say no to a great sale!

My research really ended up turning into a bit of a shopping spree. I was not expecting to like so much of their stuff. The more I kept looking at the things on their site the more I became more and more enamored with their items. If you have not check out their merchandise, you must give them a chance.

Do not keep yourself constricted to the great slipped on boots that everyone seems to wear. You know which ones I am talking about. Those boots that are so ugly that they are cute.

I think I just found my new favorite store. This spring my family and I are planning a trip to Australia. Every year we like to travel to a new part of the world and experience different cultures, cuisine, and lifestyle.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

One thing that I always hear people complain about is the upkeep of a pair of suede Ugg boots. Many times folks abstain from purchasing them unsure what they will do when they get dirty. Especially if you are more attractive to the lighter color of their pallets. Such as, light heather gray or the super versatile camel hair color. A favorite amongst many people.

Don’t fret there are few things that you can do to protect your boots and keep them clean. I found that these things really work well on my own shoes. Everyone that I have shared this information have also been able to keep his or her boots looking brand spanking new.

Ugg Boot Cleaners

This is something you can order from their website. For the great people of the Ugg brand have created their own cleaning solution kit that does wonders in maintain a great looking boot. One free of stains and watermarks.

I like use this during the winter months to keep them looking crispy.

Stain Guard

Before you even think of walking out in your new pair of boots, use a stained guard and water protectant that is formulated for the material that the boot is made of. This will ensure that they do not become gross and stained in the first place. My favorite type of shoe protectant is the spray stuff you can pick up at any Finish Line, it is amazing.

Uggs does Sell More than just Boots

Many people that shop for Uggs or even think about them they normally think about those cozy little boots. You know the ones that you just slip on your feet. Normally made of suede or a soft leather of some sorts. However, the Ugg brand carries a multitude of different items. Not just little bootees. If you have only bought your Ugg boots at department stores or shoes stores then you may not know what else is out there in the Ugg Brand World.


If you have not tried their pajamas and sweats then you are in for a treat. If you feel that, their boots are super warm and cozy then have not seen anything yet. Their loungewear are some of the best in the business.   Super warm and deliciously cozy that will make those days binge watching on Netflix pure bliss.

Handbags and Purses

Beautiful soft leather and high quality states. Well constructed. Their purses are a true investment. It is as if they make them in order to stand a lifetime of being carried. I love their bags. Really cute and able to be carried during any type of scenario. They have clutches, hobo bags, duffle bags, satchels, bowler bags, and more.


Not only do the great people of the Ugg brand in Australia not only make super cute and great boots they also make high quality gym shoes. Made for quality, comfort, and functional. Try them out and your feet will thank you.

So Cute!!!!!

Have you seen the new Uggs on the market? It seems that with each passing year their stuff become cuter and cuter. From boots to shoes, to jeans, to belts, everything is so adorable that I can hardly stand it. I mean it sure is making it hard on a girl to be able to keep up, but I tell you what I am not put off to try!

Just last weekend I purchased these cute mid-calf boots, in black with shiny black sequins across the front toe of the boot and along the back up the back of the boot. I am sure many people know exactly what I am talking about. The ones with the bows ties in the back.

What is better with Uggs that even though they are really and able to work with a many different clothing choice. They are also very comfortable and warm.

Comfort is a place when choosing any type of footwear. Us girls know about buying shoes that although they are super cute and extra foxy, after an hour of wearing them your feet feel as though they were ran over by a semi-truck and then set on fire one toe at a time.

That is of course until everything goes numb!   What a great feeling that is, am I right girls?

It used to be that those in the northern part of the country, the world really, only had to worry about a winter freeze, snow, and frost. However, these past years it seems that no matter where you are its fair game.