My Calling Card

As my first blog post, it took me a long time to decide as to what to write. Should it be something funny, informative, or personal? There are so much I want to say. However, not so much that I want to put everything in the first article. Now I am stump as to what to put as the very first article, the one that will set the tone of the whole shebang. As they say.

It has been decided that the very first blog will be something personal and historical. Like my first time I realize that, fashion was my calling.

Let us see, I was eight years old. My older sisters were in college, during one of their breaks they came home with one of their friends from school. She was so exotic.

Standing almost six feet tall, with gorgeous and silky smooth caramel colored skin, and emerald green eyes. They each had a class with her. She is so beautiful. As we were sitting around visiting with them before dinner, my mother ask what she was studying and stuff. She mention fashion merchandising that she was putting herself through school by modeling on the side to pay for her tuition. Mostly just catalogs and like small business’ print ads.

To a young kid she was amazing. Especially one who lived in a small country town as if I am from, it was so glamour’s. Like meeting your favorite celebrity.

After that, my nose was wide open as my mom says. That is when I discovered my calling and really go into fashion design, trends, and merchandising.